BodyMind and Heart Training

BodyMind and Heart Training is a boutique training provider offering unique development programs for organisations and individuals.

Our authenticity and uniqueness lie in the truly holistic approach to the training and development of every learner. Whilst in our programs we focus on skill and knowledge acquisition being a domain of the left mind, there is an equally strong emphasis on developing traits that are largely attributed to the right mind – long lasting positive mindsets and habits.

For this reason our signature curriculum, The Way of the Heart, is skilfully integrated into every program we offer.

In order to create the desired behavioural changes for individuals and organisations, we also offer custom designed programs, based on your specific outcomes.

BodyMind and Heart Training provide expertise in the following personal and professional development areas:

  • Organisational transformation through individual and collective mindset shift
  • Structural design of effective learning strategies aligned with organisational and individual goals
  • Delivery of custom designed programs for individuals and teams within an organisation
  • Behavioural typology (DISC) with Learning styles
  • Individualised professional coaching
  • Coaching for passionate and meaningful life
  • Mindfulness techniques for busy minds – breath meditation
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Managing mindsets and habit change

Our Philosophy – The Way of the Heart

Based on breath meditation and mind focus techniques, The Way of the Heart teaches a set of practical skills, which allow you to bridge the logic and creative parts of your mind.

The consistency of application harmonises the two often conflicted parts of our mind, bringing logic and intuition into one platform, which allows an individual to view oneself and every life situation from an expanded state of mind.

In this process of harmonisation, the individual releases fear-based negative emotions from the memory and thus clears the entire being from self-limiting perceptions. Immediately, the person experiences increased clarity of thinking and purpose, boosted enthusiasm and motivation, true sense of empowerment with confident strength and above all, restored ownership of their own life.

With the inner state now harmonious, the individual returns to their natural and true way of being, the way of the Heart. Living by the inner qualities of the Heart, such as loving compassion, peacefulness and forgiveness, acceptance and joy begin manifesting in the person’s personal and professional life. The individual thinks feels and acts with complete integrity, respect, passion, clear life purpose and general goodwill towards all other living things.

Such inner transformation allows the person to experience true happiness with a sense of self-realisation and everything one does radiates with the inner way of being, and that is one’s Heart.

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