Awakening to Spiritual Intelligence

Awakening to Spiritual Intelligence

For more than ten years, I searched for a way to combine deep spirituality with living in today's fast-moving, consumption-focused and demanding world. The questions that always came back to me were these: How to fully participate in the profit-driven business world and hold values of love, friendship and compassion? How not to get eaten, stampeded or laughed at while holding fast to those values? How to sit in a meeting and negotiate a big biz deal and . . . have a vision? How to deal with suddenly getting enlightened while the company you work for is undergoing a hostile takeover? What to tell Jesus when he decides to talk to you while you're busy finishing up a heavily financed real-estate project?

These probably are not the problems that a Buddhist monk in an ārāma has, nor the problems that the Dalai-lama has, nor the problems that the pope has, nor the problems that any people whom we usually identify as deeply spiritual or enlightened have. Some of these things, however, happened to Mieczysława and Adam, the authors of this book. Some of them happened to me. Some of them happen to more and more of the people I meet and work with⎯and, it seems, they have been happening secretly and clandestinely for some time now.

How is this possible? Everyone knows that Jesus doesn't just talk to people like that. And, of course, if you have the folly to entertain visions other than visions of your company's grand future, you could find yourself out of a job and with wacko papers quicker that you can say “Bvanakubva.” So no one says anything. No one tells.

Well, it's time to let the cat out of the box now. Yes, there is spiritual life going on in the corporate world. Your business trainer could be suddenly taken by a bout of speaking ancient Aramaic. Your office mate could be a channel for Unconditional Love. The seemingly unbreakable and rock-solid matrix of so-called “hard fact–based reality” is wearing very, very thin now. Through it, if you look carefully, you can start seeing the laughing face of God (the Supreme Being, the Voice or whatever you may want to call It). So better not look. Or look (if you dare), and prepare to be constantly challenged, surprised, bewildered; to feel evermore; to have more fun; to cry more often; to laugh more often.

Will you have to give up your life and become a hermit? No, not unless you really want to. Since I decided to “look”⎯that is, since I asked Mieczysława and Adam to teach me what it was that Jesus wanted to talk to them about while they were really busy with important stuff⎯I haven't actually changed my life on the surface very much. I still work at my job, eat meat, drink alcohol, enjoy rowdy parties with my family, smoke the occasional cigarette, indulge my mania for purchasing shoes over the Internet. But, of course, everyone's way is slightly different; Mieczysława and Adam practice a little more restraint.

What has really changed is that more and more I experience a state of happiness, connectedness and joyfulness. Decisions come with much greater ease. I experience less and less resistance and inner turmoil. My work is done with much less effort, but with much greater effectiveness. Of course, there is the drawback that I can no longer tolerate certain situations, people and behaviours. However, the ability and knowledge of how to deal with them usually becomes quickly accessible.

All of which is to say: I wholeheartedly recommend that you read this book. It is eye-opening⎯at times maybe shocking⎯and offers quite a new perspective on matters and events that we have been used to seeing in a certain way for millenia. You can believe it; you can disbelieve it. Take from it only as much as you feel serves you.

Dorota (100-krotka) Pasich
Business trainer and creativity coach
Former marketing and procurement director, Beverly Hills Video SA

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