Introduction to Breathwork and Mind Refocusing Techniques

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There are many meditative techniques, each with many benefits

The purpose of this page is to teach one of the most powerful and also simplest ways of meditation, which will help to bring about inner transformation.

The meditation taught on this page is fundamental in the Way of the Heart, which we teach.

During practice, a learner will experience growing calmness and quietude within his or her heart, and an increasingly growing clarity of thinking.

Consistent practice will allow the learner to experience increased levels of enthusiasm, passion, empowerment, confident strength, clarity of own purpose and above all a growing, loving compassion within your own heart.

The mind refocusing techniques will bring inner harmony between the mind and the heart, or between logic and intuition.

With time, the learner will be able to use the heart (intuition) and the mind (logic) in various life situations; the heart (intuition) will provide insights, grand visions, ideas and life purpose whereas the mind (logic) will deliver the ways of how to go about achieving all that.

The meditation we teach is largely based on breath and mind refocusing techniques.
Breathwork is fundamental to this meditative practice, and therefore our first and basic meditation teaches the “correct” way of breathing while supporting the learner in maintaining mind focus.

Further stages of meditation will be introduced to this page, which will allow the learner to deepen their inner journey and aid in the inner transformation, to make it long lasting.

More information on the Way of the Heart and meditation itself can be found in the e-book available through this website and entitled “Awakening to Spiritual Intelligence”.

Enjoy the practice, and let us know about your individual progress if you wish.
You can reach us through this website by contacting us here.

Heart-felt blessings.

For practice purposes, it is advised that every session of meditative practice is done in a sitting position explained below. Music is from Seven Sacred Centres by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Introduction to Breathwork and Mind Refocusing Techniques