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Michael Held, Regional Sales Manager - Victoria/Tasmania, Pfizer Established Products

I first met Adam Wozniak six years ago on my very first day in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Adam’s coaching and guidance placed my mind “at ease” and allowed me as a “rookie” to commence my role with added confidence and commitment.

Adam is not your “textbook” trainer. He provides a fresh approach to coaching that inspires sales people and motivates them to greater heights of performance.

Adam’s ability to engage an individual, understand their mindset, develop their strengths with clear  focus and minimise weaknesses are key reasons why this “rookie” was promoted to Key Account Manager, Sales Manager, State Manager and National Business Manager with 3 separate Pharmaceutical companies (Sigma, Sanofi-Aventis and now Pfizer). Thank you Adam! J

As a people manager, I was fortunate that Adam spent time tutoring my team, creating selling habits using principles of DiSC . . . principles which are still used today in every sales call with great success.

Regardless of the role or company, I intend to continue my “journey” with Adam’s guidance and as such, highly recommend Adam to any company seeking effective sales training.

George Polimenakos B.Sc, Regional Sales Manager, Norgine Pty Ltd

Adam's training sessions have the right balance between skills, content and spiritual empowerment. Always tailoring his sessions to the immediate needs of the business, all members who experience the privilege of a BodyMind and Heart training session leave with a sense of empowerment, ready and above all, wanting to apply those learnt skills immediately.

Debra Prout, Regional Manager, AFT Pharmaceuticals

Dear Adam,

I am on a new path.  The path to greater serenity and fulfillment.

Every now again us mere mortals need to be shown the way when we are a little lost…

Adam, after Friday, I allowed myself not to panic about the tasks I was behind in, knowing full well they would be there waiting for me in the peace and quiet of Saturday morning.

I have begun an exercise regime, which incorporates both mind and body:  Aqua Aerobics on a Tuesday evening, followed by Yoga on a Thursday evening.  One step at a time.

This should keep me on the right track until I have another session with your good self.

Thank you for sharing your insights with me.  I processed your every word and will live the thoughts.

All positively focused.

Many A Thank You

Calvin MacKenzie, Country Manager, AFT Pharmaceuticals

Adam Wozniak is, in my opinion, the single best sales and effectiveness trainer I have ever worked with. Over a period of many years and with at least 5 companies that I can think of, Ads and I have cooperated to implement rep training programs that have been highly effective from basic induction through to rep excellence and effectiveness training for advanced team members.

Skilled in both pharmacy and ethical business environments, and with a successful background as a teacher, Ads has an almost unique ability to ‘read’ the person and adapt a program that best suits the individual within a caring and nurturing framework. The conversational selling program is the best I have ever used and I have seen it produce change that has yielded much better sales results.

In today’s business environment, with time pressures and increased competition, we need to maximize the effectiveness of the representative with every customer and when it comes to training, we need to achieve maximum ROI for every dollar invested in our people. I highly recommend Ads Wozniak as a terrific investment in training and coaching your sales team to greater effectiveness and a marked increase in sales.

Mark Penny, National Sales Manager, Sigma Pharmaceuticals

There is an old saying ‘You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man how to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime’. Your training taught us how to fish - rather than shoving information down our throats, you taught us to think about our management approach, which I have been doing over the last couple of weeks since the program. No doubt I will be approaching my work differently, which will improve my impact on the team. Thanks again.

Joshua Ferrett, State Sales Manager, Sigma Pharmaceuticals

I have been involved in sales and marketing for more than two decades and in that period have had the opportunity to be involved in countless training courses on a variety of levels, from a sales perspective, through middle to upper level management.

I recently had the privilege of undertaking ‘REP 1”, conducted by Adam Wozniak.
In all those years of training I have never been involved in a program that has affected my mind, body and soul so profoundly.

The variety of tutelage and behavioural techniques, that Adam exposed myself and all involved to, left, not only myself but all with such a thirst for wanting more.

The entire experience tested and expanded my body and mind in areas that I simply had been unaware of, and certainly had been under utilising.

The most acute occurrence amongst the behavioural learning was not simply the methods and details Adam was imparting, but more so the ability he had to recognise what areas each individual required attention on or to.

The most pivotal achievement, Adam imparted on me, is now having the ability to reside and release the ever constant cultivation of stress and tension that we all accrue on a daily basis.
He has armed me with new skills that not only assist me in cleansing my mind of the unwanted baggage, but also creating a far more positive area in my head for a greater creative and productive Josh Ferrett.

For that I am greatly appreciative.

I thank Adam for the entire experience and look forward, with anticipation for the opportunity to undertake any subsequent level of education Adam has on offer.