Our Programs

BodyMind and Heart offers training courses that fall under five key areas. Each course is combined with our signature curriculum, The Way of the Heart. Because of this, our courses will teach you and your team how to succeed in a stress-free manner, with passion and quality.

Conscious Selling

Covers a range of competencies required to make a sale. How to connect with the customer and stay engaged.

  • Retail Selling - Beginner, 2 day course
  • Selling to DISC - Intermediate, 2 day course
  • High Performer Transformation Program, 3-4 day course
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Heart to Heart Communication

Covers a range of competencies necessary in interpersonal communication including presenting, negotiating and resolving conflicts.

  • Fundamentals of Communication - 2 day course
  • Negotiation Skills - 2 day course
  • Inspiring Presentation Skills - 2 day course
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Coaching from the Heart for Managers

Covers one-on-one and group coaching competencies, including leading high performers.

  • Group Coaching: Leading a High Performance Team - 2 day course
  • Coaching From the Heart - 4.5 day course
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Conscious Leadership

The Program is built on the fundamental principle that leading is influencing. A leader therefore needs to increase awareness of own their thoughts, emotional states, words and actions in order to positively influence their followers.

Participants are encouraged to observe their own leadership style from the receiving end in order to find answers and re-examine own influence as a leader.

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Special Interest Programs

These unique programs are based on individual needs, expectations, goals and missions. They are designed to affect inner transformation on the way to reaching personal mastery. Each program is delivered in an “out of office” or “away from home” environment.

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Meditation Courses

Our exclusive breath meditation, designed for busy western minds is delivered in the form of standalone workshops or as a part of any program you chose.

  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Workshops and intensives - 1/2 or 1 day
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