Coaching from the Heart for Managers

1. Group Coaching: Leading High Performance Team – 2 day course

  • Engaging a team, sharing vision, emotional intelligence -influencing and communicating, productivity versus activity, managing change and emotional states, coaching high performers, drivers of human behaviour, building a team spirit and maintaining team’s cohesion, maintaining high performers in the flow channel for optimum performance.
  • Remaining motivated to inspire others – balancing the left and right mind

2. Coaching from the Heart – 4.5 day course

  • Redefining coaching, Perception creation and habit formation, Emotional Intelligence, identifying and dealing with own emotions and emotional states of others, releasing negative emotions, transforming fear into action
  • Radical inquiry for effective coaching based on NLP and 4P Model (funnelling),  communicating to influence – verbal versus non- verbal (body language)
  • Inspiring presenting
  • Situational Coaching
  • Balancing the left and right mind.