Conscious Leadership

The Program is built on the fundamental principle that leading is influencing. A leader therefore needs to increase awareness of their own thoughts, emotional states, words and actions in order to positively influence their followers.

Participants are encouraged to observe their own leadership style from the receiving end in order to find answers and re-examine own influence as a leader.

The Program integrates a set of meditation practices with Emotional Intelligence and NLP concepts in order to bring about an inner transformation within each participant. The result of such integration creates a truly engaging leadership style.

  • The art of balancing the left and right mind; breath meditation
  • Re-programming own mind
  • Core Values of Conscious Leadership
    • Loving Compassion
    • Inner Harmony
    • Forgiveness
    • Kindness
    • Awareness
    • Past Release
  • Main behavioural patterns
  • Anatomy of perception and habit formation
  • Emotional Intelligence in practice
    • Identifying and managing own emotions and emotions of others
    • Releasing negative emotions
    • Transforming fear into resilience and positive action
  • Influencing communication – NLP and EQ in practice