Heart to Heart Communication

1. Fundamentals of Communication – 2 day course

  • Communicating with leadership style, demonstrating professionalism, confidence and charisma. Developing skills in assertiveness, persuasion, body language, empathic inquiry and listening.
  • Maintaining 2-way Communication – balancing the left and right mind.

2. Negotiation Skills – 2 day course

  • Psychology of negotiation; positive mindset, framing, assertive language – verbal versus non-verbal, negotiating with DISC profiles, gaining commitment while creating win-win situation, developing BATNA (best alternative to negotiating agreement).
  • Staying in control – balancing the left and right mind.

3. Inspiring Presentation Skills – 2 day course

  • Balance between factual and emotional content, presenting with impact and influence to guarantee long lasting impression and customer’s willingness to take action. Verbal versus non-verbal language.
  • Controlling nerves – balancing the left and right mind.