Special Interest Programs

These unique programs are designed to effect inner transformation on the way to reaching personal mastery.

Whether you are a professional working at executive level, or in a sales or management role, or as a marketeer, or you are a father, mother, husband and wife, these programs will provide unique context to bring about a change within intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

The programs are custom designed and the content of each program is determined based on individual needs, expectations, desires, goals and missions. Once the content is determined, a variety of methodologies and skills are carefully selected from the fields of human behaviour and psychology, adult learning, neurolinguistic programming, leadership, coaching and active eastern meditative practices.

Whether it is a 1 day or several days’ retreat, each program is delivered in an “out of office” or “away from home” environment to further complement the process of transformation.

When you or your team needs to get passionate and inspired, or people within your business grapple with living by the company values and mission or you simply want to learn how to meditate to calm your mind in order to get greater clarity of your purpose, let us know by dropping a line so that we can provide you with more specific information.