We help businesses and individuals transform...By restoring the heart - passion, love and spirit of connectedness - in the workplace

We teach breathwork and specific meditation called the “Way of the Heart”

We deliver custom designed programs in the areas of leadership, management, communication, sales and high performance. Our programs are suitable for any group of individuals working together towards collective and sole achievements.

The programs we deliver integrate technical skills with mind refocusing techniques, which help workplaces in reducing stress, becoming harmonious and enjoyable working environments with increased productivity, motivation and improved retention.

What others say about us

“You taught us to think about our management approach, which I have been doing over the last couple of weeks since the program. No doubt I will be approaching my work differently...”

- Mark Penny, Sigma Pharmaceuticals

“Adam Wozniak is, in my opinion, the single best sales and effectiveness trainer I have ever worked with... a terrific investment in training and coaching...”

- Calvin MacKenzie, AFT Pharmaceuticals